Johnson County Juvenile Offender Attorney

Just because you are a criminal lawyer doesn't mean you have the ability to successfully protect the rights of an individual in a juvenile proceeding. Small differences between the two fields of law have a major effect on the outcome for youths accused of crimes, particularly those facing serious felony charges.

Attorney Randy R. McCalla, one of the few attorneys in Johnson County focusing on the needs of juvenile offenders, understands the subtleties of the Kansas juvenile justice system. If you or someone you care about is under 18 and is facing juvenile offender charges, contact our Johnson County office and make arrangements for a free consultation with Mr. McCalla .

Adult or Juvenile Court?

A criminal attorney who takes a juvenile case without understanding the differences does the client a great disservice. The Kansas statutes and codes provide for a separate set of laws and rules which affect the options and potential ramifications facing juveniles charges with criminal offenses.

Randy McCalla has represented the rights of children charged with juvenile offenses for over 15 years. He has served as the Co-President of the Johnson County Bench/Bar Committee which develops policy for the Johnson County Juvenile Court and serves as a liaison between attorneys and the judges in juvenile offender proceedings. Mr. McCalla is one of the few approved attorneys the courts may appoint for representation of juveniles charged with high-level felines or sex offenses in the Johnson County District Court.

We handle juvenile cases involving a wide range of offenses, including:

  • homicide
  • serious sex offenses
  • robbery
  • assault and battery
  • shoplifting
  • possession of narcotics
  • underage consumption of alcohol
  • traffic infractions