Child in Need of Care

Johnson County Foster Care Attorney

Are you concerned about the safety or welfare of a child? The Kansas Child in Need of Care Law provides ways in which interested adults can provide for the welfare of children and teenagers, in many cases without resorting to the foster-care system.

Johnson County foster care attorney Randy R. McCalla has been representing children, parents, grandparents, relatives and foster care providers for over 20 years. He works to protect children and assist concerned adults in finding solutions that are in the young child's best interests. If you would like to speak with Mr. McCalla, contact our Johnson County law office and make arrangements for a free consultation with a lawyer about your concerns.

At the Law Offices of Randy R. McCalla, P.A. we represent grandparents, foster parents, and other family members in:

  • cases where a child may have been abused or neglected
  • cases where the juvenile court has been declared a child out of the parents control due to the childs behavior or issues related to running away.
  • cases where the court gives the state custody of the child for placement outside of the home;
  • permanent custodianship applications
  • foster parent adoptions and relative adoptions, if parents will not be re-integrated with the children
  • cases involving grandparents' rights to visitation with their grandchildren

Children living in difficult environments are considered at-risk for continuing and increasing problems. As part of his commitment to serving youth, Mr. McCalla also handles a full range of juvenile law issues, working with the court to protect the rights of troubled youth and teens.